What can Private Investigators do?

The Australian government offers Private Investigators particular privileges to provide investigative and legal support services to the community. Agents must remain mindful of their parameters within the legal framework and confines of their licence.  

Regular citizens will be prosecuted for conducting surveillance. Private Investigators can legally follow, observe and record a person’s movements on behalf of a client. They may provide evidence such as photographs, video footage and reports to answer sensitive questions relating to both personal and business matters.

Private Investigators cannot access restricted information gathered by government agencies or private institutions. Their licence allows them to legally perform background checks and access databases the general public are not privy to.

The databases Agents access collects public information from various locations and can reveal valuable information about a person required by a client. Operatives do have many legally ways to gather information.

Private Investigators cannot obtain search warrants and may only make a citizen’s arrest. Agents are not permitted to carry a weapon whilst performing private inquiry work, service process, crowd control, debt collection or door person duties.

An Operative cannot pass on confidential information without just cause. Agents can only enter private property or crime scenes when authorized by authorities. The common laws of trespass offer protection to the public.

Private investigators cannot legally track a mobile phone, intercept phone calls or messages without the owner’s consent. Phone spyware that permits these features may be legally sold by an agent.  

Agents can legally find a computer’s actual geographic address via the IP address, however this process has many variables and may not offer the result you require.

The laws surrounding spyware and electronic devices including vehicle and personal GPS trackers are constantly changing and may differ in each state. Private Investigators operating in the state of Queensland and New South Wales can legally sell GPS trackers. For more information or a free consultation, contact Bryson at Invisible Investigations.

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