How do you catch a cheating partner?

If you’re asking this question, you already suspect your partner is cheating, having a cyber, emotional or physical affair. At the very least, something is amiss in your relationship. If your gut tells you that your partner is cheating, it may be right. That said, you should gather evidence before you confront your partner.

You may be feeling betrayed, hurt and unsure of how to proceed. Your natural impulse is to immediately confront your partner and let them have it. However, a word to the wise: Stop and take a deep breath! Don’t make any accusations until you have concrete evidence to make your case and secure a confession. 

Here’s why: Without proof, you will alert your partner of your suspicions and provide warning for a cheating partner to cover their tracks better. When confronted your partner may clam up, deny and deceive you further to protect themselves from the fallout and you from being hurt. Cheaters often use distraction as a tactic to deflect the truth by claiming you’re being irrational or paranoid.

There are many articles and books available to learn the signs of a cheating partner. However, signs of cheating look different in every relationship and signs alone can only raise your level of suspicion. You must have tangible proof of the infidelity to secure a confession, otherwise you will only be alerting your partner of your suspicions.

The most effective way to know whether or not your partner is cheating is to employ a Private Investigator and have them conduct a short period of surveillance during a time you are suspicious, and your partner has opportunity. A report with photographs and video footage would be indisputable evidence requiring no confession.

The information provided by a Private investigator may be used discreetly in order to obtain a confession without your partner’s knowledge. For example, you could say a friend spotted your partner out and add specific details that your partner could not deny. 

Private Investigators can offer a number of other affordable solutions that you may implement yourself. These include car GPS trackers, hidden cameras and audio devices.

Let’s face it, when we love and want to trust someone, our ability to see the truth may be limited. Proof will help you see things clearly and allow you to make informed decisions. 

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