Why hire a private investigator to conduct a Background Check?

A background check or background investigation is the process of looking up and compiling employment history, criminal records, commercial records and financial records of an individual or an organisation.

Australia has licensed Private Investigators that legally obtain diverse information on certain individuals in a discreet and confidential manner. 

Information held by governments and private entities may be available to the public, but not all databases are accessible and the information that is available should not necessarily be considered comprehensive. The process of learning what is available and knowing how to search public databases in any kind of useful manner takes time and practice. Private Investigators utilise experience to provide answers.

Public record databases do require subscriptions to access the data. Private Investigators also have access to private databases, which can only be accessed by licenced individuals.

Private Investigators have greater access to and understand where to find relevant information. They can conduct deep web searches and are able to find answers when others cannot. Private Investigators have the ability to cross reference information legally, not only through data but pretext inquiries and surveillance when required. 

The way in which background checks are conducted will depended on what you wish to learn and your budget. When you consider what’s at stake, a background check can be viewed as an investment. 

Web based background checks may be commenced for as little as $395. Total costs can vary depending on the depth requested, however on average you should expect to pay between $395 and $800.

Background checks provide you the evidence to make correct and informed decisions. There are many reasons to use a Private Investigator to conduct a data search:

  • Learn about a person’s associates, assets, identity, partners, business interests and criminality
  • Check a potential personal or business partner, employee or litigant
  • Due diligence business investigations for proposed partnership or investment
  • Intimate relationship or dating site investigation and catfish check
  • Background of a family member’s new partner
  • Landlords who want to know about potential tenants 
  • Employers who want to know about potential employees

An experienced investigator will recognise the risks posed to you and your loved ones and be forthcoming with relevant advice on how best to approach your own situation.

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